• Claude

The next stock market crisis in 2022 ?

Therefore, observing the history of Saturn and Uranus movements on the stock market the astrological forecasts are bad for 2022, but the markets remain unpredictable and all the other planets will continue to turn and bring their own energies as the FED !

They can be summarized in two points: the symbolic meanings of Saturn and Uranus and the relationship cycle between two planets.

The important stages of a cycle are called aspects.

An aspect connects two points of a cycle by a certain angle.

We will deal with the following aspects:

Conjunction 0° Seed moment, birth of the cycle

Square 90° Crisis of action

Opposition 180° Apogee and beginning of decline

Square 90° Crisis of conscience and values

Conjunction 0° Death of the old, rebirth preceded by a void of meaning

Saturn rules over problems, delays and hindrances, and bad aspects cause pessimism among investors. The bear is coming...

Uranus is the master of freedom and change. This planet was discovered in 1781, when the Constitution of the United States took shape, and it also reigns over technology. It also symbolizes the stock market and corresponds to brutal inversions and great stock market crashes.

Our Saturn cycle with Uranus begins in 1988 with its conjunction which corresponds to an easier access to speculation thanks to the Internet and the first automatic trading algorithm created in 1987. Small investors start to play in the stock market and will understand that all stories have ups and downs... downs.

The square in 2000 will cause the bursting of the Internet bubble. You can see above the sky chart of May 13, 2000 and the Nasdaq which will fall until 2003.

The opposition of November 14, 2008 will highlight the obscure role of banks with the subprime crisis. On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and the markets plunged again. It is interesting to note that the idea of Bitcoin was first presented in November 2008.

And now on to the future!

It is important not to confuse prediction with forecasting.

The astrology I use determines the cosmic influence here on earth, but man has free will. I am giving you the weather forecast of the stars, but maybe the markets will have excellent umbrellas and will continue their way to the top.

Here is the square for December 24, 2021.

Will the stock market fall in 2022?

I don't know and this square simply tells us that this cycle is at a turning point.

Only in March 2022, our cycle will finally continue quietly towards its conjunction to conclude and start a new story in 2032.

Speaking of history, our two friends formed a waning square on March 29, 1929 and February 22, 1930!

Therefore, by observing the history of Saturn and Uranus movements on the stock market the astrological stock market forecasts are bad for 2022!

But the markets remain unpredictable and may continue their way to the top.

"Bull markets are born in pessimism, grow in skepticism, mature in optimism and die in euphoria." Sir John Templeton